Fantasy Football: Is Teddy Bridgewater a Top 10 Quarterback?

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Dear Phil,

What do you think of the Minnesota Vikings Teddy Bridgewater and do you believe he will finish 2015 as a top 10 fantasy football performer?


Thanks for your question. All things considered I thought his 2014 season went fairly well. He has to step into the role of starter when Matt Cassel busted his foot; he also had to do this without the benefit of having RB Adrian Peterson out for the season. Bridgewater struggled early but toward the end of the season he had big games against the New York Jets and the Detroit Lions. Finishing the season with 2919 passing yards, 14 touchdowns, 12 interceptions and averaging 209 yards a game passing is nothing to sneeze at; especially for a rookie and even more so for a rookie on a less than .500 team. I thought he did great!

As for 2015; He proved he can run a team and that’s important. If the Vikings don’t trade Adrian Peterson (and I don’t see that happening) he’ll be able to take loads of pressure off a Bridgewater and that’s also a plus. He also showed he has some mobility (4.4 yards per carry and a TD) and that’s another plus. The Vikings have added a real downfield threat in wide out Mike Wallace and Charles Johnson was also fairly strong and that’s another plus for sure.

Bridgewater’s success will probably be determined by the offensive line. The Vikings had plenty of trouble there in 2014. Did they do enough in the offseason? I think if Matt Kalil can have a healthy season the Vikings line will be good enough to protect Bridgewater.

Top 10 Fantasy Football QB? It could happen but he’ll need to put up better numbers than the 3,500 passing yards, 16 touchdowns and 13 interceptions I’m projecting for Bridgewater in 2015. If the offensive line can remain healthy and Peterson has the big year everyone is expecting him to have then he should exceed my expectations and maybe land in the top ten otherwise I look for him to finish inside of the top 15 in 2015.

Good luck in the draft Fantasy Football owner! 

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