Why Kevin Durant Must Leave Oklahoma City Thunder During NBA Free Agency

Kevin Durant may be a 27-year-old veteran, but he’s got it all to play for. The scoring sensation has been a revelation for Oklahoma City Thunder, but with free agency approaching, he should say goodbye. Nothing against OKC, however, this- likely to be a five-year deal- is the last major contract of his career. He must get it right. So, far, since 2007/8, OKC haven’t provided him the NBA Finals victory he deserves.


After crashing out of the NBA Playoffs this season he refused to state his intention. He explained “I mean, we just lost like 30 minutes ago, so I haven’t even thought about it. I’m just embracing my teammates and just reflecting on the season,”.


He added “I’ll think about that stuff, I don’t know when. But we just lost an hour ago, 30 minutes ago, so I don’t know.”


On July 1 he can enter free agency. He will. But could return to OKC. He shouldn’t, however.


Almost every team wants the forward, and with the increasing salary cap, many can afford him. He could get a big-money deal, and a chance to win titles. He should take it.


During his nine-year career he had won four scoring titles, been an NBA All-Star and made the first-team ALL-NBA selection team five times. His team are regularly a favorite to win the NBA title with https://sports.betway.com, however, they often fall short, meaning Durant might want to join a new team and improve their chances of winning a title.


Durant is a one-of-a-kind player, and with many options coming his way, he should take whatever feels right. He’s been loyal to the Thunder, but a near decade-long stint hasn’t produced much team glory. His personal glory deserves better, and can do better with the right teammates and coaching.


OKC have a chance to keep him, and they’ll do their best to do just that. However, the man is still in his prime, and any team desperate to to become great should move heaven and earth to lure the NBA All-Star to their franchise.


It’s been a wild ride tor the OKC star, but it’s time he bid them farewell, if he doesn’t, he may regret such a move, albeit an act of loyalty.


Which team should he sign for?




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