Fantasy Football: Week Four FanDuel Fantasy Football Suggestions

Week three of the Fantasy Football season is nearly in the books. We still have the Monday game between the Atlanta Falcons and the New Orleans Saints to entertain us but for me it’s no time like the present to get ready for week four.

Detroit Lions WR Marvin Jones ($7,600) went off on Sunday against the Green Bay Packers for 35.5 FanDuel points. Jones was only 5.3 percent owned in the Squib last weekend and the guy who won the $6000 dollar first place had him. The winner also paired Jones up with the 2 percent owned Lions QB Matthew Stafford, saved a few bucks with that combo and spent “up” for Jordy Nelson and picked up 6000 grand for their work this weekend.

I’m still amazed that Cleveland Browns WR Terrelle Pryor ($5,800) was less than 2 percent owned this week. He was in a perfect situation to succeed; after news came out that WR Corey Coleman broke his hand Pryor became the de facto best option for Browns QB Cody Kessler. These are the types of situations we Fantasy Football owners should be taking advantage of.

Speaking of Pryor; this coming weekend the Browns are on the road against the Washington Redskins. The Redskins defense is allowing WR’s 30.73 Fantasy points a game and of course FanDuel jacked up Pryor’s price tag from $5800 last week to $7000 this week. Pryor isn’t quite the bargain or the unknown commodity that he was in week three but he’s still on my radar.

If I told you at the beginning of the season Falcons QB Matt Ryan would be the top rated Fantasy Football QB after three weeks would you have believed me? The QB sitting at #2 is none other than the Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton and as luck would have it the two of them square off against each other Sunday in Atlanta. No matter what Ryan does tonight against the Saints his price of $7,900 is low enough to get people’s attention. What has my attention is his matchup; the Panthers are allowing WR’s just 11.87 Fantasy points a game against lousy offenses.

Houston Texans QB Brock Osweiler ($7,300) seems to be getting progressively worse or maybe the defenses he’s been facing are increasingly better. Either way his matchup this week at home against the Tennessee Titans is one that I’m probably going to avoid. The Titans have allowed QB’s just 12.53 Fantasy points a game thus far and have shut down offenses such as Oakland and Detroit. The Texans are an early 7 point home favorite, there’s a 39 point over under and I’m not going anywhere near either of those teams this week.

The Saints are headed to San Diego this week to play the Chargers. The over under is an insane 52 points with the Chargers currently an early week 4 point favorite. I usually fade QB Drew Brees ($8,600) when he’s on the road but I might have some interest in Chargers QB Philip Rivers ($8,500). Last week I was drowned by Rivers and WR Travis Benjamin ($6,600) but the Saints do have a tough time keeping WR’s from going off so maybe it’s worth a look this week.


Week four of the FanDuel Fantasy Football season is here! The main slate has been reduced to just 12 games and that makes it a bit easier to work with. There are plenty of options this week at Quarterback (QB) and I’ve narrowed it down to five QB’s I’m interested in this week.

Las Vegas is projecting a 52 point over under when the New Orleans Saints travel to San Diego to play the Chargers. That’s a bunch of points and while Drew Brees ($8,600) is always an appealing consideration I think I like Chargers QB Philip Rivers ($8,500) a bit more this week. Yea, Rivers laid a stinker this week but a matchup with a defense allowing QB’s to average a league worst 23.98 Fantasy points against a 4000 yard a season QB like Rivers in a possible high scoring game is hard to ignore. Rivers is at home and the Chargers are favored in this one by 4 points. Hard to ignore and worthy of your consideration this week.

Washington Redskins QB Kirk Cousins is averaging 17 FanDuel points per game and I like his matchup this Sunday at home against the Cleveland Browns. Vegas set the over under 45.5 and the Redskins are currently a 9.5 home favorite. The Browns are allowing QB’s to average 19.07 Fantasy points a game this season and is much better at stopping the run then the pass so this could be a good opportunity for Cousins to light up the scoreboard early and often. Cousins might fly under the radar this week and the 45.5 point over-under is hard for me to ignore and another QB that is absolutely worthy of consideration this week.

I’m going to stay with the Redskins and Browns and look to rookie Browns QB Cody Kessler ($6,300). Kessler was okay in his rookie debut and he’s up against a Redskins defense allowing QB’s to average 24.76 Fantasy points a game. The Browns are a 9.5 point road underdog and if everything goes according to Vegas Kessler will be coming from behind and throwing the ball plenty. This is completely boom or bust here and I don’t expect him to be too highly owned in this one but sometimes you have to be bold to win a big tournament.

Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford ($8,300) had a huge game last week against the Green Bay Packers throwing for nearly 400 yards and 3 touchdowns. His matchup this week on the road against the Chicago Bears looks like another good opportunity to have another monster day. The Bears defense allows QB’s to average 19.21 Fantasy points a game and the Lions offense is far and away the best offense this Bears team has seen this season. I like the 46.5 point over under with the Lions being an early week 3 point favorite. Stafford flew under the radar last week and while I suspect his ownership will be slightly higher this week his price tag might keep people away. If he goes off this week he might just win you a tournament.

The Oakland Raiders QB Derek Carr ($8,000) is also worthy of your consideration this week. This week the Raiders are on the road against the Baltimore Ravens. Vegas expects a high scoring affair setting the over under at 46.5 points with the Ravens an early week 3 point favorite. The general rule of thumb is not to choose an offense that travels cross country and plays the early Sunday game. I usually hold to that rule but the Ravens have allowed QB’s to average 17.84 Fantasy points a game this season. That doesn’t seem like that many but Carr is having a pretty good season averaging 20 FanDuel points a game. I suspect Carr will go widely overlooked but he has the ability to go off and if he does you’ll be happy you decided to take a chance on Carr this week.

Running Backs

Running Backs (RB). I haven’t fared too well this season with my RB’s. What I mean is I have selected good RB’s but they just didn’t go off like I thought they would. I’m hoping every one of the following RB’s I suggest this week goes off in a big way….and here is who I think might do just that in week four of the FanDuel Fantasy Football season.

Le’Veon Bell ($8300) is back from suspension and I for one am very happy to see him back on the field. Last season Bell averaged 16.5 FanDuel points a game and after watching his replacement Deangelo Williams average 19.9 FanDuel points a game I am excited. This week Bell’s Pittsburgh Steelers are at home against a Kansas City Chiefs defense that has allowed RB’s to average 20.03 Fantasy points a game as well as allowing 123 rushing yards a game. Pittsburgh is an early 5.5 point favorite and the over under is set at 47.5 points. I like this play quite a bit this week.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers host the Denver Broncos on Sunday and I’m sure you think I’ve lost my mind but I’m considering the Bucs RB Charles Sims ($6500) this week. It’s true the Broncos have one of the best defensive teams in the NFL but did you know they are allowing RB’s to average 127 yards a game and 4 touchdowns. For the season Sims is averaging 12.4 FanDuel points a game and 4 receptions a game. Vegas set the over under at 44 points with Denver a three point favorite on the road. I like home underdogs and I also like RB’s at home and I like Sims this week.

Cleveland Browns RB Duke Johnson ($5400) intrigues me this week as does his matchup on the road against the Washington Redskins. The sexier pick from the Browns would be Isaiah Crowell ($6600) but Johnson has been in on 48 percent of the snaps and is averaging 8.2 FanDuel points a game. For the season the Redskins have allowed RB’s to average 26.80 Fantasy points a game as well as 123 rushing yards a game. The over under in this one is 45.5 points and Washington is an early week 8 point favorite. My thinking with Johnson is this; the Browns offensive line is banged up and Johnson is a valuable receiver out of the backfield. With a rookie QB, a banged up front line and coming from behind Johnson might see more targets than usual. Just a thought this week.

San Diego Chargers RB Melvin Gordon ($7,600) has a very solid matchup at home this Sunday against the New Orleans Saints. Gordon is averaging 17.7 FanDuel points a game and is involved in 62 percent of the snap counts so he’ll be on the field quite a bit against a Saints defense allowing RB’s to average 33.53 Fantasy points and 149.3 rushing yards a game. That’s quite a bit isn’t it? Vegas has the over under set at 53.5 with the Chargers an early week 4 point favorite. I really like Gordon at home this week and especially if I’m not adding Chargers QB Philip Rivers.

Los Angeles Rams RB Todd Gurley ($8300) has been less than spectacular this season but he does have a nice matchup this week on the road against the Arizona Cardinals. For the season Gurley is averaging just 10.9 FanDuel points a game but he is coming off a massive 2 touchdown game against the Buccaneers and even though he’s struggled he’s still involved in 70 percent of the Rams snaps. The Cardinals are allowing RB’s to average 16.53 Fantasy points and 133 rushing yards per game including 4 rushing touchdowns. Vegas has set the over under at 43 points with the Cardinals an early 8.5 point favorite. With all that being said I still am considering Gurley this week.

Wide Receivers

The Wide Receiver (WR) position has been fairly good to me thus far this season; I usually try and find players with solid floors with the potential to go off. It doesn’t always work that way but I do try. This week we have some WR’s who are in some very good spots with HUGE opportunities to go off in a big way….and here are some suggestions for you to consider for week four of the FanDuel Fantasy Football season.

San Diego Chargers WR Travis Benjamin ($6600) has found himself in another good spot this week when the Chargers host the New Orleans Saints. Las Vegas is looking for a shootout setting the over under at 53.5 points with the Chargers being a 3.5 point home favorite. The Saints have allowed just 3 receiving touchdowns this season but WR’s have averaged 25.93 Fantasy points a game. Benjamin is averaging 13.8 FanDuel points a game and this has all the makings for Benjamin to have a big night against New Orleans this week.

The Carolina Panthers WR Kelvin Benjamin ($7700) is in a nice spot this week when the Panthers travel to Atlanta to take on the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons have given up 10 receiving touchdowns this season and are allowing WR’s to average 25.07 Fantasy points a game. For the season Benjamin is averaging 14.8 FanDuel points and roughly 7 targets a game. There is a huge 50 point over under with the Panthers being an early week 3 point favorite. I like the matchup, the price and the possibilities of this game on Sunday.

Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown ($9400) is extremely good at football. Maybe that’s an understatement on my part but  his matchup at home Sunday night against the Kansas City Chiefs has big game potential written all over it. Vegas has set a 47.5 point over under with the Steelers an early week 5.5 point favorite. Brown is averaging 18.2 FanDuel points a game and he’s up against a Chiefs defense that has allowed WR’s to average 19.27 Fantasy points and 233 receiving yards a game. Brown is arguably the best in the game and I’m looking forward to watching him play this Sunday night.

Washington Redskins WR DeSean Jackson ($6900) has a great home matchup with the Cleveland Browns. The Browns secondary has been horrible this season allowing WR’s to average 31.80 Fantasy points and 299.7 receiving yards a game AND 7 touchdowns via the air. For the season Jackson is averaging 12.3 FanDuel points and over 7 targets per game. The over under in this one has been set at 45.5 points with the Redskins being an early week 7 point favorite. I like this matchup, I like the price and I am strongly considering Jackson this week against the Browns.

Baltimore Ravens WR Mike Wallace ($6,700) is in a nice spot this week when the Ravens host the Oakland Raiders.  The Raiders have allowed WR’s to rack up 32.50 Fantasy points and 344.3 yards a game plus 7 touchdowns with one of those being a 98 yard touchdown pass. This season Wallace is averaging 13.7 FanDuel points and 6 targets a game. Those stats aren’t all that exceptional but the over under in this one has been set at 46.6 points with the Ravens being an early 3 point favorite and I really like Wallace against the Raiders this week.

Tight Ends

It isn’t always easy finding a tight end a tight end at FanDuel. Well, finding one is easy;  finding one who will go off and help win a large tournament is another kettle of fish altogether. For some reason this week I’m optimistic about the TE position and here are five TE’s I think will help you win whatever game you enter…..and here we go.

The Chicago Bears TE Zach Miller ($5000) has a terrific matchup at home against the Detroit Lions.  Miller is averaging 10.7 FanDuel points and 6 targets per game including 2 touchdowns last week against the Dallas Cowboys. The Lions are allowing TE’s a league worst 17.87 Fantasy points a game. That’s quite a bit and while the cheap price point and great matchup should probably be right there Las Vegas has set the over under at 46.5 points with the Bears an early week 3 point favorite. I like the relatively high scoring back and forth nature of this game and I really like Miller this week.

Staying on the low end of the salary structure another TE I am considering this week is Baltimore Ravens TE Dennis Pitta ($5,400) and his matchup with an Oakland Raiders defense allowing TE’s to score 10.17 Fantasy points a game.  Pitta is averaging 9.1 Fantasy points and 8 targets this season and has had a high of 14.7 FanDuel points. Vegas has set a 46 point over under with Baltimore a 3 point home favorite. I like the matchup and the price point and if you are looking to spend money elsewhere Pitta is hardly a “punt” play this week.

There was a time when no matter what the price was or even the matchup I just automatically entered New England Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski ($7400).  Gronkowski played just 14 snaps last week and says he had no setbacks last week. That bodes well for the Pats matchup this week with a Baltimore Ravens defense allowing TE’s to score a paltry 1.8 Fantasy points a game. The Ravens defense against TE’s is good but if Gronkowski plays I have a feeling he will have a big game on Sunday. Vegas didn’t set an over under for this but they have listed the Pats as a 4.5 point home favorite. Gronkowski is highly priced but if he goes off this will be the last time you will ever get him so cheaply.

Washington Redskins TE Jordan Reed ($7500) is probably going to be highly owned this week due to his matchup with the Cleveland Browns. Vegas has set an over under of 46 with the Redskins an early week 7 point home favorite. Reed is averaging just 9 FanDuel points a game this season and he’s up against a Browns defense allowing TE’s to score just 8.3 Fantasy points a game. So why Reed this week? Look at the targets; he’s averaging over 8 targets a game and he’s one of if not the number 1 target of QB Kirk Cousins. Reed just hasn’t gone off yet but this 7 point spread makes me think Reed is going to be active and if he’s able to get a red zone opportunity or two this could turn out really well this weekend.

New Orleans Saints TE Coby Fleener ($5400) has a nice matchup on the road against a San Diego Chargers defense allowing TE’s to average 11.40 Fantasy points a game. It seems as though Saints QB Drew Brees is getting more comfortable with Fleener as his targets have gone up each week. Fleener is averaging 8.5 Fantasy points a game and Vegas has set a massive 53 point over under with the Chargers an early week 3.5 point home favorite. I really enjoy watching Brees come from behind and if that is the case Fleener might wind up a steal at $5,400 bucks this week.

Good luck at FanDuel this week!


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