Godnick’s Week Four NFL Picks!

Indianapolis Colts vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

21-17 Colts

Rise and shine for a mediocre showdown between two teams struggling to find themselves. The Colts have a franchise quarterback in Andrew Luck, but Luck hasn’t been on anyone’s side. The Jaguars were the hot pick this season, but so far, they’re still the Jaguars. Look for this game to be mediocre at best, and for the Colts to find some Luck.


Tennessee Titans vs. Houston Texans

28-13 Texans

The Titans need to protect Mariota for any success to be reached by the Titans. With J.J. Watt out for the foreseeable future, this could be time for Tennessee to have some time for their QB, but unfortunately that won’t be the case. The Texans still bolster a talented defense, and in terms of offense, the Texans are better by just enough to make this game an easy win.

Cleveland Browns vs. Washington Redskins

21-9 Redskins

Yawn. This game won’t be fun. The Browns are the Browns, and the Redskins seem way to inconsistent. The Redskins are the superior team by a decent margin, and this matchup should be nothing but a cake walk for Washington, setting up an interesting NFC east come Tuesday.

Seattle Seahawks vs. New York Jets

16-14 Jets

It can’t get any worse for the Jets. Coming off of a six interception performance, Ryan Fitzpatrick has to get a win to regain respectability. The Seahawks are a tough opponent and come in playing inconsistent football, but come four o’clock, these two sides will share mirror records.

Buffalo Bills vs. New England Patriots

31-17 Patriots

Not happening Buffalo. The Bills had their fun last week upsetting the Cardinals, but the Patriots showcase a whole new machine. With Garoppolo back under center for one more week, the Patriots offense should have no problem picking apart Buffalo. To everyone’s surprise, Tom Brady will be coming back to a 4-0 team.

Carolina Panthers vs. Atlanta Falcons

35-21 Panthers

The Panthers need this one. Need. This is supposed to be the Super Bowl favorite, but so far they look like a whole new team. It’s early and no need to panic yet, but if the Panthers were to lose Sunday, this season could look grim. Cam Newton is the reigning MVP, and look for him to play that way in Atlanta.

Oakland Raiders vs. Baltimore Ravens

27-24 Raiders

This is a fun one. A young quarterback trying to become something, verse a veteran quarterback trying to lead his team to another deep post season run. This is going to be a duel on both sides of the ball, but this will come down to which quarterback has their way. Look for the young guy Carr to have a shining moment in the clutch and jump start his season.

Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears

21-20 Lions

Nothing to see here. Two teams in the middle of deciding whether to rebuild or not. The Lions still have Stafford who can have a day whenever he feels like it, and Chicago seems like the perfect opponent to do so. This will be close, but Stafford will embarrass the Bears at the end of the day.

Denver Broncos vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

28-14 Broncos

I really wanted to pick the Buccaneers here, but the Broncos are just to good. Their defense is elite, and their quarterback play has been more than they asked for. This team has the perfect balance on both sides of the ball, and Tampa Bay just isn’t there yet.

Los Angeles Rams vs. Arizona Cardinals

24-7 Cardinals

This can’t happen again. Last week was an embarrassment for the Cardinals as they failed to win at Buffalo. The Cardinals want to go to the super bowl this year, and performances like last week just won’t get you there. They are mad. They are hungry. They will beat the Rams.

New Orleans Saints vs. San Diego Chargers

35-32 Saints

Drew Brees is to good for this. He is a hall of fame quarterback who is stuck on a terrible team. The Chargers aren’t impressive, and Brees is in store for a classic performance. This will be a shootout, and a victory for the Saints.

Dallas Cowboys vs. San Francisco 49ers

28-21 Cowboys

I’m loving this Dallas team. Dak is as fun as it gets, and Elliot has been getting better every week. Who cares if Dez is hurt, this team can still score. Dak is the guy, and he will be for a while. Look for the rookies to have a field day on Sunday.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

31-24 Steelers

Last week was a fluke. Give the Eagles credit, they deserved that win, but the Steelers are better than that. We know that. The Chiefs are a good team, a team that can’t be taken lightly, but this Steelers team knows how to win, and will get revenge after last week’s showing.

New York Giants vs. Minnesota Vikings

28-24 Giants

This one will be fun. The Giants seem to decide whether they want to be elite or mediocre before every game, and the Vikings have shocked the world so far. Odell is mad and is due for a historic performance, and this will be the one where he racks up three touchdowns and nearly 200 yards. You heard that right, this one will be history.

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