Who Says the Memphis Grizzlies Aren’t a Playoff Team?

The Beyond the Arc podcast is back for a third season! This week on the show, Kevinand Phil talk about:

  • Mike Conley’s five-year deal: was it the right thing to do given his injury history? Would he really have walked to Dallas?
  • The Chandler Parsons signing: was it too big of a gamble given his history? How does he make the Grizzlies better?
  • Who is Chandler Parsons going to kick the ball out to?
  • When the going gets tough, are the Grizzlies going to stick to Fizdale’s system or are they going to bail out?
  • Is it still Zach Randolph’s team? Are Mike and Marc the go-to guys now?
  • Is JaMychal Green going to make the roster?
  • What are the Grizzlies going to do if their rookies can’t reliably play the backup point guard spot?
  • Are injuries the only thing that can keep the Grizzlies from making the playoffs?

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