Fantasy Basketball: Top Ten Shooting Guards for 2016-2017!

In just a couple of weeks the NBA season will begin. Last time we took a look at my top ten Fantasy Basketball Point Guards. Today I will give you my top ten shooting guards (SG)…..and here we go!

Houston Rockets SG James Harden made my top ten PG list and he’s number one on my SG list for this season. Harden is duel eligible (PG, SG) and that kind of flexibility plus his 23 double doubles and three triple doubles last season makes him an easy number two overall choice for me but it wouldn’t surprise me to see him drafted number one in some leagues.

If Milwaukee Bucks SG Giannis Antetokounmpo isn’t duel eligible yet he will be soon. Heck, by early December Antetokounmpo might be eligible at FOUR positions (PG, SG, SF, PF) and that flexibility combined with his ability to stuff a stat sheet on a nightly basis is Fantasy gold. Giannis shot 53 percent from the field and 72 percent from the line last season and if he ever learns how to knock down triples he’d be the number one pick instead of the late first round to early second round his 13.7 Average Draft Position (ADP) currently has him being drafted.

Chicago Bulls SG Jimmy Butler is another SG that has duel eligibility (SG, SF) and is currently a mid to late second round pick (19.4 ADP). Butler is another stat stuffing SG averaging five rebounds, 4.8 assists, 20.9 points and knocked down a triple a night in 2016. Butler has solid shooting percentages and playing alongside Rajon Rondo and Dwayne Wade this season might see Butler hitting a few more threes and possibly a couple of extra rebounds a night when he’s plugged in at the three spot.

Golden State Warriors SG Klay Thompson comes in at number four on my list and is currently being drafted in the early to mid-second round. (23.6). The preseason narrative was that Thompson would suffer with the arrival of Kevin Durant but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Last season Thompson knocked down 276 triples and was solid in all the scoring categories. I would like to see Thompson get a few more steals this season but his three-bombs more than make up for this.

Oklahoma City Thunder SG Victor Oladipo rounds out my top five today. His trade from the Orlando Magic and Durant’s departure gives Oladipo a great opportunity. Currently Oladipo is being drafted in the late second or early third round (30.4 ADP) and that seems about right. Oladipo is a solid scorer with good shooting percentages and is good for the occasional steal. His situation is perfect as the second option on a potentially high scoring team and if he plays 35 minutes a night the skies the limit this season.

Portland Trail Blazers SG C.J. McCollum is currently being drafted in the mid to late second rounds (29.7 ADP) and unlike Oladipo he is duel eligible (PG, SG). McCollum is a scorer with solid shooting percentages and knocked down 2.5 triples in 2016. While not known for his defensive play he does get a steal a night and is just average in categories like rebounds (3.2). There’s a lot to like with McCollum but I like the other five players ahead of him much better in terms of categories he contributes in.

There are my top six and each of them will be solid contributors to your Fantasy basketball team. If you want one of these players you better be prepared to draft them early!

Rounding out my top ten are; Utah Jazz SG/SF Gordon Hayward (ADP 36.1),  Toronto Raptors SG DeMar DeRozan (36.4 ADP), Charlotte Hornets SG/SF Nicolas Batum (43.3 ADP) and Orlando Magic SG/SF Evan Fournier (53 ADP).

Good luck this season Fantasy Basketball Owner!

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