Zach Randolph to the Bench!!

This week on the show, Kevin and Phil talk about:

★ The Grizzlies waived Tony Wroten and signed Vince Hunter, because Brandan Wright had to play 23 minutes against the Hawks.

★ Is Wade Baldwin IV going to be the answer at backup point guard? What about Fizdale’s two-PG lineups?

★ Where does Brandan Wright fit into the second unit? Kevin wrote about it after Thursday night’s game.

★ How much will Marc Gasol’s three-pointers open up the paint for the Grizzlies? Does he have to be Ray Allen to make a difference?

★ How many minutes is Zach Randolph going to end up playing coming off the bench? Probably more than it seems like.

★ Phil was not happy about the Grizzlies’ 17th place spot on Zach Lowe’s League Pass Power Rankings. Is he right?

★ Is anybody in the West actually going to beat the Warriors this year?

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