NFL Predictions for Week Six!

San Francisco 49ers vs. Buffalo Bills

24-21 Bills

This one could be interesting. With Kaepernick back the 49ers offense could be interesting. The Bills have been interesting to watch lately, and their offense tends to explode week to week. This won’t be most fun game to watch, but look for some highlight plays from the quarterbacks in a close game.

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Washington Redskins

35-32 Eagles

I can’t wait for this game. Rivals. Must win game. What more can you ask for? This will be a high scoring affair with some exciting plays from both sides of the ball. This one will come down to the quarterbacks, and the rookie will be the one coming through.

Cleveland Browns vs. Tennessee Titans

21-18 Titans

This is a boring game. Nothing to see here. Do we even know who’s starting at quarterback for the Browns? Mariota could make this semi-watchable, but when you come across this game, just switch the channel. Oh yeah, the Titans will also win.

Baltimore Ravens vs. New York Giants

25-21 Ravens

This is a classic. Two veteran quarterbacks looking to get key wins for their teams. This one will be all about offense for most of the day, but         the Ravens defense will be the ones celebrating at the end. A last second stop will be what seals the game for the Ravens.

Carolina Panthers vs. New Orleans Saints

21-18 Panthers

With Cam back, this game is sure to be fun. Cam verse Brees is a classic gunslinger battle which should result in a close game. Both teams show inconsistency, which shows the low score, but look for Cam to lead the Panthers down on a game winning drive, turning their season around.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Chicago Bears

35-21 Jaguars

This one’s boring. Any game the Bears are in just puts me off, but the Jaguars do bring something interesting to this game. They have a young and explosive offense, and when put together right, can put up 35 point performances. This one is easy, Jaguars win.

Los Angeles Rams vs. Detroit Lions

21-9 Lions

Just start Goff already. Yes, the Rams do have a 3-2 record, but this team is going no where unless they find out what they have in Goff. A loss like this to the Lions should cue the Goff era, so please Detroit, just win this game.

Philadelphia Steelers vs. Miami Dolphins

28-13 Steelers

The best offense in the NFL is back and looking for another dominant win. The Dolphins shouldn’t be a problem for this Super Bowl contender, so not much more to say. Steelers win with ease.

 Cincinnati Bengals vs. New England Patriots

35-18 Patriots

As he showed last week, Tom Brady is back, and ready to prove something. We already know he is a legend, but with another Super Bowl this year, Brady is going to be saying a lot more. No one is stopping him. This is his season. Get out of his way.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Oakland Raiders

21-16 Raiders

I’m hopping on this Raiders bandwagon and never getting off. I don’t care if they lose games they should win, this team is going to be special. The Chiefs are a very good team, but this is the season of the Raiders and a win like this will only cement that.

Atlanta Falcons vs. Seattle Seahawks

12-9 Seahawks

For some reason, the Seahawks like playing in either very high scoring games, or very low scoring games—nothing in the middle. Their defense is going to play elite on Sunday and shutdown the hot Falcons offense, with a game winning drive from Russell Wilson.

Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Parkers

35-34 Packers

My favorite game of the week. I wanted to pick the Cowboys so bad, but I just can’t do it. Rodgers is to good to lose this game, and Dak can’t be this good to beat the Packers…right? No matter what, this is the game to watch if you want to see exciting football.

Indianapolis Colts vs. Houston Texans

21-18 Colts

Can we get an entertaining Monday night game, please? Both these teams are boring in some sense, besides occasional explosions on offense. Let’s hope that’s the case come Monday. Luck is going to prove why he is worth that contract of his with a big Monday night win.

New York Jets vs. Arizona Cardinals

25-17 Cardinals

Well, these two teams have let everyone down. Slow starts from both teams has turn this season into a joke, a joke they want to end fast. If the Jets somehow win this game, maybe they can make a run for the wildcard. However, this Cardinals team is too talented to lose to the embarrassing New York Jets.

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