Why Doesn’t the NBA Broadcast More Preseason Games?

This week on the show, Kevin and Phil talk about:

  • Why can’t we watch any of these preseason game? Fans want to see them… in 2016, why is it still possible for the NBA preseason to be completely off TV?
  • Marc Gasol got a bone bruise in his right foot during Saturday night’s game against the Houston Rockets
  • Zach Lowe (in his Crazy Predictions piece) predicted that the Grizzlies won’t make the playoffs. Are guys getting “content fatigue” with all of these previews and taking the easy way out on the Grizzlies?
  • Does it really serve the NBA to keep good teams off of national television over time?
  • Has Troy Williams played well enough for the Grizzlies to keep him?
  • Phil doesn’t like Wade Baldwin IV. Is it just because he saw the Atlanta game where Schröder took him to town?
  • Is David Fizdale crazy to say he’s going to use Chandler Parsons the same way he used LeBron? And why isn’t Parsons back on the floor yet?
  • The new-look Z-Bo (17 shots in 23 minutes against OKC) and the new-look Gasol (who has been told he should shoot 4 3-pointers a game).

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