Fantasy Football: Week at Top Plays at FanDuel Fantasy Football!!

Week number eight of the FanDuel Fantasy Football season will soon be upon us. We have a nice ten game slate with plenty of choices to make at every position… let’s get to it!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Jameis Winston ($7400) hasn’t been on my radar all season long; but all the components are there for him to have a big game on Sunday at home against the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders allow a league worst 302 passing yards a game, 13 touchdowns (TD’s) via the air and Winston is averaging 18.6 FanDuel points and has 12 passing TD’s and one more on the ground. Plus he’s at home with a 50 point over under AND a one point favorite.

Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers ($8800) has a terrific opportunity on the road this Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons passing defense leaves something to be desired allowing 294.3 passing yards a game and 15 TD’s this season. Rodgers is pricey this week but what upside he brings; he’s averaging 20.6 FanDuel points a game, thrown for 1496 yards and 13 TD’s and has run a couple of TD’s as well this season. Vegas has set the over under at 52.5 points with the Falcons as a three point home favorite. This could be really good on Sunday!

Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan ($8500) has been outstanding this season; he’s thrown for 2348 yards and 16 TD’s this season and he and the Falcons host the Packers this Sunday. The Packers passing defense looks good on paper allowing just 242 passing yards a game and ten touchdowns this season but they haven’t played an offense and a QB as talented as Ryan and the Falcons. This one might be a shootout and whoever chooses correctly between Rodgers and Ryan might win a pile of cash this Sunday.

New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees ($8000) is at home this week and has a very solid matchup against the Seattle Seahawks. This season Brees is averaging 24.3 FanDuel points and has thrown for 2100 yards and 17 TD’s; he’s up against a Seahawks defense allowing just 226 yards a game and only four TD’s. So how is this a solid matchup? Brees is by far the best QB they have played thus far, the Saints have the best offense in the NFL, they are home underdogs and we have all witnessed time and time again the Brees led Saints fourth quarter comebacks. Okay…’s boom or bust but that’s sometimes how you win the big dollars.

New York Jets QB Ryan Fitzpatrick ($7300) has a solid matchup on the road against the Cleveland Browns. This season Fitzpatrick is averaging 11.8 FanDuel points, 1561 passing yards and six TD passes this season. That isn’t exactly awe inspiring is it? On the other hand the Browns passing defense is allowing 285.7 passing yards a game and 18 TD’s this season. Currently the Jets are a slim two point road favorite without a set over under. Hopefully Fitzpatrick can have a big game this week.

It’s time to take a look at the Running Backs (RB’s) for week eight at FanDuel. Since we are going to pay up for Quarterbacks and Wide Receivers this week we will need to find some value…..and I think I was able to do just that….and here is who I think will get the job done this weekend.

New York Jets RB Matt Forte ($7300) has been better than many expected him to be this season. Forte is averaging 14 FanDuel points per game this season and 65.7 rushing yards a game. He’s also scored five touchdowns (TD’s) this season. His opponent the Cleveland Browns are allowing 139.9 rushing yards a game and have given up seven TD’s this season. Something tells me Forte might slide under the radar this week and I think he gets the job done against the Browns on Sunday.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers RB Jacquizz Rodgers ($6600) has had back to back 100 yard games and has a terrific matchup with the Oakland Raiders on Sunday. The Raiders are allowing 128 rushing yards a game and opponents have scored seven rushing TD’s against them this season. There is a huge 50 point over under in this one with the Bucs a one point home favorite. I like the price point and the big game possibilities Rodgers has on Sunday against the Raiders.

Kansas City Chiefs RB Spencer Ware ($7400) has a very good matchup on the road against an Indianapolis Colts defense that are allowing 118.8 rushing yards and seven TD’s. Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles might see limited action this week but Ware has been the man this season averaging 16.2 FanDuel points a game, 82 rushing yards and three TD’s this season. This game has a huge 50 point over under with the Colts an early week three point favorite. I don’t care what folks say about Charles returning or even how highly owned he might be I am all in on Ware this week against the Colts.

I think we’ll stay with the Colts/Chiefs game and find some value with Colts RB Frank Gore ($6300). Most “experts” I’ve listened to think Gore is about to bottom out but the Chiefs are allowing 114 rushing yards per game and three TD’s this season. Gore for his part has averaged 13.3 FanDuel points a game with two rushing TD’s and two via the air. Gore is priced just right in a 50 point over under game and if the Colts can get the upper hand in this one Gore is going to rack up points on Sunday.

Seattle Seahawks Christine Michael ($7800) is a bit pricey but he has a road matchup with a New Orleans Saints defense allowing 116 rushing yards a game and a NFL worst 11 TD’s this season. That’s a bunch of touchdowns huh? Michael this season is averaging 14.2 FanDuel points per game, 67.7 yards and has four rushing TD’s and one TD via the air. The over under in this one is 48 points with the Seahawks a two point road favorite…..I think Michael is gonna run wild over the Saints on Sunday!

We saved a bit of money with the Running Backs and that’s a good thing. We’ll need to if we are to play one of those pricey Quarterback options. I think I have found five such options at the Wide Receiver (WR) position. I hope will do well on Sunday at FanDuel…..and here they are.

Green Bay Packers WR Jordy Nelson ($7500) has a terrific matchup against an Atlanta Falcons allowing the WR1 position to average 52 yards a game. This season “White Lightening” is averaging 12.3 FanDuel points a game, 8.5 targets, 53.5 receiving yards a game and five touchdowns this season. That huge 53 point over under sure does look appealing and the Packers are an early week three point underdog. Let’s hope Aaron Rodgers is throwing lots of balls Nelson’s way this Sunday.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR Mike Evans ($7900) is having a great season averaging 18.4 FanDuel points, 90.8 receiving yards a game and six TD’s this season. This week’s matchup at home against a Oakland Raiders team allowing WR1 to average 80.8 yards a game is the stuff piles of cash are made of. The over under in this one is set at 50 points, the Bucs are a slight one point favorite and no matter how chalky I really like Evans this week.

Arizona Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald ($7000) has had a decent season thus far averaging 14.3 FanDuel points, 68.6 receiving yards and five TD’s this season. His matchup this week against a Carolina Panthers defense allowing WR1 to average 114.2 yards per game is a beautiful thing isn’t it? What might be even better is this; the Panthers have also allowed 13 TD’s via the air this season with the longest being an 87 yard bomb for six. I like the 48 point over under, also like the Panthers being a three point home favorite and I really like this matchup and all its possibilities this week.

Kansas City Chiefs WR Jeremy Maclin ($6400) has been a big disappointment this season; averaging just 8.8 FanDuel points a game, 55.5 yards and just one TD on the season isn’t the sorta thing that breeds much confidence does it? That could change this week. Maclin has a great matchup with an Indianapolis Colts defense allowing WR1 to average 89.4 yards per game. Overall the Colts have allowed 11 passing TD’s. That bodes well for Maclin. I also like the 50 point over under and the Chiefs are an early week 2 point favorite. If Maclin doesn’t go off this week he will be dead to me.

New York Jets WR Quincy Enunwa ($6100) has a great matchup with a Cleveland Browns defense allowing WR2 to average 64 yards a game. The Browns also allow the WR1 to average 80 yards a game so Brandon Marshall ($7400) is also in play.  The Browns have also coughed up 18 passing TD’s this season so damn near anyone in a Jets uniform is in play. The Jets are a slim two point road favorite and Vegas wisely didn’t set an over under….but I think I’m going to have some shares of both these Dudes Sunday!

We are finally on our way to the Tight Ends (TE’s). I know we have been spending money like crazy this week but I think I found some tremendous savings at this position….and here is what I have for you.

Kansas City Chiefs TE Travis Kelce ($5700) has been dropping in price recently and he has an incredibly good matchup with an Indianapolis Colts defense allowing TE’s 80.8 yards per game. That is a nice thing to see as Kelce is averaging 46 yards a game, 8.8 FanDuel points and has scored two touchdowns this season. I’m really liking the 50 point over under and Kansas City is a 2 point road favorite. This has all the makings for Kelce to make value and then some.

Philadelphia Eagles TE Zach Ertz ($4800) has a good matchup with a Dallas Cowboys defense allowing TE’s to average 72.2 yards a game. Ertz is averaging about four targets a game for 32.8 yards, 4.7 FanDuel points and has yet to find the end zone this season. Ertz is cheap and there is a low 43.5 over under with the Cowboys being favored by four points. I really like the price and hopefully Ertz can haul in a few passes and maybe score a touchdown or two on Sunday.

Atlanta Falcons TE Jacob Tamme ($5300) has a great matchup this week against a Green Bay Packers defense allowing TE’s to average 65.4 yards a game. This season Tamme is averaging 6.7 FanDuel points and 27.3 yards a game with three TD’s this season. The over under in this one is huge at 53 points and that looks enticing to me. The Falcons are also favored by three points at home. I know Tamme hasn’t produced a whole lot this year but this just feels right on Sunday.

Buffalo Bills TE Charles Clay ($4900) has a decent matchup this Sunday with a New England Patriots defense allowing TE’s to average 57.2 yards a game this season. Clay has been decent; he’s averaging 5.5 FanDuel points, 38.3 yards a game and zero TD’s to his credit. Clay also is averaging five targets a game and four red zone targets this season so there is definitely hope for him. The over under in this one is 47 points and the Patriots are favored by 6.5 points. Look for Bills QB Tyrod Taylor to have to do more than manage the clock and hopefully he throws a few balls Clays way on Sunday.

Cleveland Browns TE Gary Barnidge ($5000) has a very good matchup against a New York Jets defense allowing TE’s to average 65.4 yards per game.  Barnidge hasn’t had quite the season most were expecting but he is averaging 7.6 FanDuel points and 51.6 yards a game. He hasn’t made it into the end zone yet but only one red zone target. Maybe that will change on Sunday against the Jets.

Good luck at FanDuel this week!!

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