NFL Week 13 Power Rankings


The National Football League season is winding down and as we head into the final weeks of the season here are the Week 13 NFL Power Rankings!

#1.  Philadelphia Eagles 10-1   

With an MVP candidate like Carson Wentz, it should be a known fact at this point that the Eagles are the best team in the NFL. They rank top 10 in offense and defense, but will have a tough test in week 13, having to play in Seattle.

#2. New England Patriots 9-2

 After struggling on defense to begin the season, the Pats defense has picked it up, not allowing 20 points or more since week 4. As long as Brady plays like Brady, the Patriots will once again make a big playoff run.

#3. Minnesota Vikings 9-2

  Case Keenum has been a big surprise for Minnesota this season despite being the backup to begin this season. Through strong defense and a rushing attack led by Jerick McKinnon and Latavius Murray, the Vikings are on a seven game win streak.

#4. Los Angeles Rams 8-3

 After a disappointing loss to Minnesota, the Rams bounced back in week 12 to beat a red hot Saints team. Under new head coach, Sean McVay, the Rams have obtained arguably the best offense in the NFL.

#5. Pittsburgh Steelers 9-2

 Despite multiple distractions throughout the season, Pittsburgh is in the midst of a six game winning streak. Through the back end of this season and playoffs, there is likely going to a battle for a super bowl spot between Pittsburgh and New England.

#6. Carolina Panthers 8-3

 Following a disappointing loss to Chicago in week 7, Carolina has picked it up, winning four straight. They have an important game for temporary division lead this Sunday, facing the Saints.

#7. New Orleans Saints 8-3

 The Saints red hot streak snapped in week 12 as they lost to the Los Angeles Rams. Alvin Kamara has led their run attack and the Saints are of the best in the NFL at running the ball. The Saints should continue their playoff push with several key games ahead including games against Carolina, and two against Atlanta.

#8. Atlanta Falcons 7-4

 After a rough patch of weeks, Atlanta has put themselves pack into the playoff picture, winning three games in a row. If their offense can play at a high level, don’t count them out of being a super bowl contender.

#9. San Diego Chargers 5-6

 San Diego destroyed Dallas in both phases of the game on Thanksgiving. Despite being only 5-6 they could very possibly make the playoffs as Kansas City has had a major drop in production and the Chargers play in a bad division.

#10. Jacksonville Jaguars 7-4

 Jacksonville lost in Arizona last week as the Tennessee Titans regained the lead in the AFC south. Although their offense isn’t great, they have the best defense in the NFL. Despite looking favorable this season, they likely aren’t a true super bowl contender.

#11. Tennessee Titans 7-4

 The Titans are a tough team to gauge as they have played very inconsistent football this season. Both the Titans and Jaguars will provide a good fight to win the AFC south this season.

#12. Seattle Seahawks 7-4

 Seattle has looked good at certain points throughout this season. However they face an uphill battle as they have to play Philadelphia, Jacksonville, and the Los Angeles Rams. These games will be fought without many of their top players as injuries have killed them this season.

#13. Baltimore Ravens 6-5

  Baltimore has quietly taken advantage of the lack of talent in the AFC. After winning two straight, they are currently positioned as the six seed.

#14. Detroit Lions 6-5

 Detroit took the L on Thanksgiving to Minnesota last week. Matthew Stafford has played well this season but the Lions likely don’t have enough in their system to make a playoff run.

#15. Buffalo Bills 6-5

  After the disastrous Nathan Peterman week, Buffalo got back in the win column, beating Kansas City. Despite a winning record, Buffalo looks like they can only head downwards with two games against New England still on the schedule.

#16. Washington Redskins 5-6

 Kirk Cousins’ inconsistency hasn’t been enough to keep Washington in the playoff picture this season. Having lost many close games this year, Kirk Cousins will likely sign elsewhere this offseason.

#17. Kansas City Chiefs 6-5

  After a great start to the season where Kansas City beat both New England and Philadelphia, Kansas has been arguably one of the worst teams in the NFL. With the rise of the San Diego Chargers, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Kansas City fall out of the playoff picture.

#18. Cincinnati Bengals 5-6

 Cincinnati somehow finds themselves just one game out of the six seed in the AFC after it took them until week 3 to find the endzone. Although to be fair, they’ve gotten to play the Browns twice already.

#19. Dallas Cowboys 5-6

  Since losing Zeke Elliot to suspension, Dallas has been TERRIBLE, on the offensive side of the game. Following a year where they went 13-3, Dallas has little to no chance of making the playoffs again.

#20. Oakland Raiders 5-6

  Despite losing Michael Crabtree via ejection and Amari Cooper via concussion, the Raiders held off the Broncos to keep their season alive. Likely without their two best receivers, the Raiders will have to face a Geno Smith led Giants next week.

#21. Green Bay Packers 5-6

  Brett Hundley couldn’t pull off the upset, last week in Pittsburgh. All that is left for Green Bay is hope that Brett Hundley can go on a run, with Aaron Rodgers coming back for the playoffs.

#22. Arizona Cardinals 5-6

 Arizona was able to pull off the upset last week against the Jacksonville Jaguars. With Blaine Gabbert in at quarterback, Arizona should start looking at the draft.

#23.  New York Jets 4-7

  The Jets lost yet another close game in week 12, losing to Carolina. Robby Anderson has starred for the Jets, scoring in five consecutive games.

#24. Tampa Bay Bucs 4-7

  Ryan Fitzpatrick couldn’t lead the Bucs past Atlanta in week 12. At least Jameis Winston is returning in week 13.

#25. Houston Texans 4-7

  With Deshaun Watson and J.J. Watt out for the season, all hope is lost for the Texans. When healthy, this team should have a bright future.

#26. Chicago Bears 3-8

  Chicago got blown out to Philadelphia in a game where it took them until the third quarter to get their first first down. The hope in Chicago is that Mitch Trubisky is the quarterback of the future.

#27. Indianapolis Colts 3-8

  Indianapolis has not had Luck this season, both literally and figuratively with Andrew Luck done for the season. They lost to the Titans last week and it was the fifth time this season where they lost a one possession game.

#28. Miami Dolphins 4-7

  Despite Adam Gase being their head coach, Miami has had the worst offense in the league this season. Having lost five straight, all hope of making the playoffs have gone out the window.

#29. San Francisco 1-10

  The 49ers lost again to the Seahawks last week. However not all hope is lost as Jimmy Garoppolo made his debut late the fourth quarter, throwing for a touchdown. Garoppolo will be starting in week 13 against the Bears.

#30. Denver Broncos 3-8

  After a great start to the season, the last seven weeks have been a disaster for Denver. They’ve had three awful quarterbacks, fights in practice (and in games), and their owner is saying that they are soft.

#31. New York Giants 2-9

 Eli Manning is out and Geno Smith is in. Complete disaster this season for the Giants.

#32. Cleveland Browns 0-11

At least the Cavaliers are good.

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