NFL Power Rankings Week 15

Week 14 brought entertaining football, containing both a blizzard and a near Malice at the Palace scenario in Jacksonville. Following week 14, here is a ranking of all 32 teams heading into week 15:

1. Pittsburgh Steelers 11-2 Prev:4

The Steelers won a high-scoring game in week 14, beating Baltimore for their eighth straight win. Antonio Brown is a legitimate MVP candidate as he leads the NFL in both receptions and yards receiving, proving he is unguardable.

2.New England Patriots 10-3 Prev:1

Just when you thought the only test New England would get for the rest of the season is Pittsburgh, Jay Cutler outplays Tom Brady to beat New England. Of course, Patriots fans will probably claim Brady’s old and the Patriots can’t win; but they are still a favorite to win the Super Bowl.

3.Philadelphia Eagles 11-2 Prev:3

Bittersweet win for the Eagles as Carson Wentz tore his ACL in the Eagles’ win over the Rams to clinch the NFC East. But here’s a hopeful stat: Wentz’s 101.9 passer rating is the third-highest in Eagles’ history. First? 119.2 by new starter, Nick Foles, from back in 2013. Eagles can still win the Super Bowl with Foles. Believe it!

4.Minnesota Vikings 10-3 Prev:2

The Vikings’ win streak was snapped by Carolina in week 14. Their path to the Super Bowl becomes easier with Carson Wentz’s injury, but they still face an uphill battle with Case Keenum as their QB.

5.Los Angeles Rams 9-4 Prev:5

The Rams couldn’t pull out a victory, losing to the Eagles. With Carson Wentz out, they have the best offense in football; but their defense brings some questions.

6.Jacksonville Jaguars 9-4 Prev:9

Jacksonville outlasted Seattle in a competitive game in week 14. They have a stellar defense but their offense isn’t good enough to carry them to the Super Bowl.

7.New Orleans Saints 9-4 Prev:6

Despite their loss last Thursday to Atlanta, New Orleans still remains in control of the NFC South. Their running game is most important to them; with no Alvin Kamara, they struggled to get yardage on the ground.

8.Carolina Panthers 9-4 Prev:10

Carolina got back in the win column, beating Minnesota after they dropped a division match to the Saints back in week 13. Devin Funchess has been an acceptable replacement for Kelvin Benjamin, but they lack a true number one receiver.

9.Seattle Seahawks 8-5 Prev:7

After an impressive win over Philly in week 13, the Seahawks lost to Jacksonville on Sunday. With all of the injuries they’ve had, this team has been too dependant on Russell Wilson.

10.Atlanta Falcons 8-5 Prev:11
Atlanta won against the Saints in week 14. Margin for error is slim with Atlanta, but they control their own destiny: winning out will result in playoff football for Atlanta. However, that will be tough because they still have Carolina and New Orleans on the schedule.

11.Los Angeles Chargers 7-6 Prev:8

The Chargers impressively won another game last week, beating the Washington Redskins. They have their most important game of the season next week, playing the Chiefs for control of the AFC West.

12.Baltimore Ravens 7-6 Prev:13

Baltimore couldn’t hold on for a victory in week 14, losing to Pittsburgh. With the Browns, Colts, and Bengals remaining on their schedule, the Ravens should see playoff football this season.

13.Green Bay Packers 7-6 Prev:15

Green Bay almost lost to Cleveland in week 14 but ended up winning in overtime. They still have a chance at the playoffs but they need to win out, Atlanta has to lose twice, and Seattle has to lose at least once. Maybe with Aaron Rodgers back, the Packers can make another incredible run.

14.Dallas Cowboy 7-6 Prev:17

Dallas turned it up in the second half of Sunday’s game, beating the Giants. Rod Smith and Alfred Morris have been good replacements for Ezekiel Elliott, but this offense just isn’t the same without him.

15.Detroit Lions 7-6 Prev:14

Matthew Stafford led another fourth quarter drive to beat the Buccaneers while throwing for 381 yards. With other talented teams in the NFC, Detroit has little to no chance of making the playoffs.

16.Tennessee Titans 8-5 Prev:12

The Titans will almost definitely make the playoffs but they are not a very good football team. They lost last week to an underwhelming Cardinals team and Marcus Mariota has thrown just 10 touchdowns while throwing 14 INTs in the process.

17.Kansas City Chiefs 7-6 Prev:21

Kansas City’s collapse finally ended last week, beating Oakland to remain in control of the AFC West. They will play the red hot Chargers next week in a game that will likely decide the fate of both teams.

18.Buffalo Bills 7-6 Prev:19

Is this the worst team in NFL history to be in position for the playoffs going into week 15? Possibly. They escaped with a win in the blizzard last week but don’t have a very talented roster.

19.Oakland Raiders 6-7 Prev:16

Oakland lost to Kansas City last week, making them the odd man out in the AFC West. They still have a chance at making the playoffs, but that seems unlikely since they still play Dallas, Philly, and the LA Chargers.

20.Arizona Cardinals 6-7 Prev:23

Arizona’s defense stood tall in week 14, limiting the Titans to just 7 points. An underwhelming team, the Cardinals should look at quarterbacks in the draft next spring.

21.Miami Dolphins 6-7 Prev:26
Please vote Jay Cutler to the Pro Bowl!

22.San Francisco 49ers 3-10 Prev:22

The 49ers continue to win games with Jimmy Garoppolo as their quarterback. Why didn’t they trade for him earlier?

23.Washington Redskins 5-8 Prev:24

Washington Redskins- Anything is possible; maybe Dan Snyder finally gives Kirk Cousins the contract he’s been asking for.

Kirk Cousins in 2018:
Cleveland – Duh!
New York Jets- Josh McCown is out and they don’t have their future quarterback yet.
Denver Broncos -This team has some of the pieces but lack a consistent quarterback.
Jacksonville Jaguars- They have a dominant defense but need a quarterback. Maybe Kirk Cousins is the answer.

24.Cincinnati Bengals 5-8 Prev:18

Cincinnati was blown out last week by the Chicago Bears. Their offense is bad and they haven’t won a playoff game with Marvin Lewis. They should explore other coaching options this summer.

25.Chicago Bears 4-9 Prev:29

Chicago beat Cincy last week to get back in the win column. Mitchell Trubisky had the best game of his rookie year to this point. Who knows, maybe with top tier receivers around him, Trubisky could be a perennial Pro Bowler.

26.Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-9 Prev:27

Tampa Bay couldn’t get out of the loss column last week, losing to Detroit. There’s a clear miscommunication between quarterback, Jameis Winston, and coach, Dirk Koetter. Koetter could be on the hot seat after the season.

27.Denver Broncos 4-9 Prev:30

After an eight game slide, Denver won for the first time since week 4, shutting out the New York Jets. If Denver can keep their defense together, the Broncos will compete next season but they need to address the situation at quarterback.

28.New York Jets 5-8 Prev:20
The Jets were shut out and lost temporary quarterback Josh McCown to a hand fracture. The next date that should be circled on their calendar is April 26, 2018, when the draft arrives.

29.Houston Texans 4-9 Prev:25

Let me try to understand this scenario – Tom Savage gets crushed, appears to have a seizure, and is let back in the game? Come on, Houston, we really have a problem.

30. Indianapolis Colts 3-10 Prev:28

Despite Vinatieri’s insane extra point in the snow to tie it up, the Colts couldn’t come away with a win in the blizzard. Chuck Pagano claims his job is safe but it wouldn’t be surprising if he lost his job this offseason.

31. New York Giants 2-11 Prev:31

The disastrous season for the Giants continued last week, losing by multiple scores to Dallas. The Giants will face the Nick Foles-led Eagles for the first time in week 15.

32. Cleveland Browns 0-13 Prev:32

I don’t want to do it but I have to.

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