Highest paid NBA stars for the 2017/18 season

Highest paid NBA stars for the 2017/18 season

NBA stars provide us, the spectators, with top-class entertainment each time we attend an NBA game. Not only those who physically attend matches but also those who pay to watch on television and online including at online sportsbooks like netbet.co.uk. In order for them to provide the sort of entertainment we all pay for to watch, they endure long hours in fitness centres perfecting their skills. Some even help their managers with tactics for upcoming matches. For their effort, they are rewarded handsomely by their clubs from revenue generated mostly from ticket sales. The players are paid depending on each player’s role and influence in the team resulting in pay differences with some earning much more than others.

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry deposed Lebron James to become the highest paid NBA player when he signed a $201 million contract with the Golden State Warriors earlier on in the season. Stephen Curry who plays as a point guard with the Golden State Warriors signed the contract after a number of clubs had shown strong interest in him towards the end of his last deal. Joe, Lacob, the Golden State Warriors owner in fear of losing his most valuable player gave him a 5-year contract which put off potential suitors. In the first year of his contract, Stephen Curry earns $34.7 million, more than any other NBA player in history.

Lebron James

Lebron dominated the highest paid NBA stars list for almost half of his stay (15 years this season) in the NBA. However, he had to vacate the number one spot owing to Stephen Curry’s highly lucrative new deal. He did not fall far off the rankings, however, having to settle in second position with a season income of $33.3 million. The Cleveland Cavaliers man has a $99.9 million 3 year deal with the Cavs.

Paul Millsap

Denver Nuggets’ power forward, Paul Millsap occupies third position on the list of the highest paid NBA stars for the current season. His $30.8 million salary is the highest salary that the Denver Nuggets has ever given to a single player. Paul Millsap signed a two year deal with the Denver Nuggets at the start of the season from the Atlanta Hawks after the Hawks decided on rebuilding their squad with emerging talents. Having put in some impressive performances this season, it’s likely that Paul Millsap will continue his relationship with the Denver Nuggets beyond next season.

Gordon Hayward

At the start of the season, the Boston Celtics secured the bargain of the season when they secured the services of Gordon Hayward on a free. Gordon Hayward was one of many players who arrived at Boston Celtics as the team finalised its rebuilding mode. Other players who arrived at Boston Celtics include Kyrie Irving and Greg Monroe. Gordon Hayward who signed a 4 year $127.8 million contract, earning $29.7 million per year became Boston Celtics’ highest paid player and the fourth best paid in the NBA. However, Boston Celtics have to wait a little longer before they can see Gordon Hayward’s magic on the court as he suffered an ankle injury on his first Celtics appearance.

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