Book Review: The Last Phase Shift: Book 3 of the Borschland Hockey Chronicles

I looked forward to reading The Last Phase Shift for a good while. Constantly hounded author D.W. Frauenfelder to get this finished so I could get my Borschland Hockey fix.

I had no idea that this incredible third installment of the Borschland Hockey Chronicles will probably be the last we will be reading about the Reinhardt family.

Frauenfelder refers to the genre as Teampunk. I refer to it as FANTASTIC. AWESOME and a MUST read.

If this has to be the last, then Frauenfelder ended it with the best of an already excellent series.

The Last Phase Shift has everything Skater in a Strange Land and The Skater and The Saint has; an excellent story line that will keep you turning page after page until you reach the end.

This series was so much fun for me; from the “phase shifts”, plenty of hockey playing and airline pilot bears and the hockey scenes are so real you’d think Frauenfelder was a former hockey player or something.

The Last Phase Shift has intrigue, suspense, romance and most of all believable hockey scenes that easily come alive page after page.

While this might be the end of the Borschland Hockey Chronicles it has birthed  many different story line opportunities for Frauenfelder. We discussed this on my show. 

Can’t wait to see what Mr. Frauenfelder has in store for us next. Hopefully more hockey playing bears!!

Thanks D.W. for this amazing series of books!!

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