Baseball is currently on a hiatus thanks to COVID-19 and we hope and expect the great game that we love to return at some point in the not too distant future. 


This break from baseball and specifically betting on and playing Daily Fantasy Baseball offers us the opportunity to continue honing our skills in order to hopefully have a more profitable baseball experience this season. 


Betting Baseball 101: Winning at the Sports Books and Daily Fantasy Sports is dedicated to helping you to do just that and today we will offer an excerpt from the daily fantasy baseball portion of the book. 


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Selecting a Pitcher

The following is based on FanDuel scoring but you can apply these strategies on any of the Daily Fantasy Sports sites.

The most important position is the starting pitcher (SP). The SP is usually the most expensive player on your roster, and it makes sense as he also can rack up the most fantasy points. With 28-30 SP’s listed nightly on the Main Slate, there are plenty of options, and we want to be sure and find the best pitcher in the best matchup possible.

Remember that note pad? Now is the time to have a look at your notes. Particularly what pitchers have the highest Strikeouts per Nine Innings (K/9) and hopefully they also have the lowest Expected Field Independent Pitching (xFIP) number. Underline the top six or so and cross off the others on your list.

Now look at your list alongside your pitchers opposing team’s strikeout percentage splits; the teams with the highest strikeout percentage are the ones we want to target. Keep the top four or so pitchers and cross the others off your list.

Quality Starts are worth four points and you want your pitcher to be able to consistently pitch at least six innings. Go back to your much shorter list and circle which pitchers have the most Quality Starts (6 innings pitched allowing three earned runs or less).

Because of the Quality Start bonus, we don’t need our pitcher to win, but it is worth six points so maybe what you want to do is put an asterisk or whatever next to the pitchers with the most wins.

You should be down to a handful of pitchers by now, right? This is good.

Remember the Vegas implied totals from your list? Keep the two pitchers pitching against teams with the two lowest implied totals and cross the others off your list.

Remember the “upside” we talked about? With the pitchers left on your list select the pitcher with the highest ceiling (highest score for that season).

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  1. This book took me longer than it should have to read. The amount of valuable content in this book had me taking notes to better my system. Not only will this book help betting Money lines at the window, but also in your DFS strategy as well. Well worth its dollar value!

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