This Week in Tennis

The tennis world was the first sport to suspend its season due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. In this edition of This Week in Tennis, hosts Phil Naessens and Craig Doyle discuss the impact Covid-19 has had on the tennis world and much more.

On This Week in Tennis, Phil and Craig discuss how Covid-19 has literally stopped most of the world dead in its tracks. World and local economies have suffered immense damage due to this pandemic and the guys discuss some of the hardships professional tennis players are currently going through.

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Phil can’t believe that Wimbledon won’t be holding the annual tournament and the guys share their thoughts about this cancellation as well as what could happen to the rest of the calendar. 

Will the governing bodies of the ATP and WTA tours merge and become one united governing body? That has recently been proposed and the guys discuss what this might look like. 

The fellas also discuss an Independent League called the Ultimate Tennis Showdown (UTS) being run by tennis coach and ESPN commentator Patrick Mouratoglue. The details of this league are a bit sketchy but Naessens and Doyle discuss the positives as well as the negative aspects an unsanctioned league such as this one may encounter.

Doyle and Naessens also discuss what the players may or may not be doing during this forced hiatus from the sport. The self-motivated will obviously have the advantage and those will be the ones who are doing what they are supposed to do to be ready for when the sport returns. 

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