Pro Soccer Weekly is back for another week! Please join the guys as they discuss the return of the Bundesliga, the state of the other pro soccer leagues, the USWNT equal pay battle and there picks for this weekend’s Belarus pro soccer matches and much more.


Soccer will likely lead the way in the return of Major Professional Soccer as the German Bundesliga is slated to return to finish their season.


The plan is for the German League to begin playing live matches beginning May 16, 2020. Phil Naessens, Gary Lewis, and Eric Lorandini discuss how the German’s will go about this, how it affects the Transfer period, and also how the Bundesliga handles its return could become the model for the rest of Europe to resume their soccer league seasons.


Should the United States Women’s National Team be paid as much as their male counterparts? Was the Federal Court wrong when it rejected the ladies claims’ that they weren’t being paid as much as the United States Men’s National Team. The guys share solid insight into what the ladies claim weren’t received and whether or not they even had a case to begin with.


Belarus is playing professional football and the guys share their picks for the May 8-9 matches pictured below.

Join the guys as they break down each of the four games on offer; Phil, Eric, and Gary bring insight for fans and sports bettors alike with a combined seventy-five years of soccer and sports betting experience. This podcast will also give you a snapshot into what you can expect when you sign up for Pro Soccer Weekly Sports Betting Picks.


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