Pro Soccer Weekly returns this week to discuss all the latest happenings in the soccer world. Join Eric, Gary, and Flash as they discuss the English Premier League setting a date for return, this past week’s Bundesliga matches, answer the “Is it called Soccer of Futball” debate and much more. 

There is plenty of much to report worldwide and the guys discuss the return of Spain’s La Liga, the MLS, and the NWSL will attempt its season as soon as the middle of June.

The guys got sucked into the age-old, is it soccer or futball debate and they shared their thoughts on the subject. Use the comment section to share your opinion with the guys. 

Eric, Gary, and Flash took a closer look at some betting numbers for Bundesliga matches since the return of the league and compared those numbers with their season averages. Is home field advantage all that important with the seats being empty? 

Bayern Munich travels to play Freiburg Friday night and the guys share not only their thoughts on this game but also their picks for Friday night’s Bundesliga match. The team boasts a 34-26 Bundesliga win-loss record with several of those wins being huge underdogs and this will be an interesting conversation.

Pro Soccer Weekly will be handicapping the Bundesliga League. This Friday, the guys will be sharing this weekend’s picks and predictions for free, and we hope you take advantage of this opportunity for some free money. All we will ask is that you subscribe to the site for FREE, and you get this weekend picks.

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