Pro Soccer Weekly returns this week to discuss the return of the German Bundesliga, the nearing return of the English Premier League and hosts Phil Naessens, Gary Lewis and Eric Lorandini share their picks for this weekend’s Belarus football matches.

First up, the guys discuss the imminent return of the English Premier League. The EPL has been okayed for a June return for games held without fans. There are some interesting aspects of the return, and Lewis fills us in on all the happenings, problems and whatever else is involved for soccer matches to be played in England.

This weekend, matches in the German Bundesliga will finally resume. This league will be the model for the rest of Europe to follow and hopefully things will go well enough for the German soccer league to finish its season. The guys discuss the extra substitutions the league is allowing each team (5) and how that can either help or hinder a team, depending on the situation.

The fellas have decided to have some fun making picks each week for the Belarus Premier League. The guys made a competition out of it with Eric winning last week with a 3-1 record. So, they ribbed each other while making the picks and we hope that you win some cash off the soccer picks.

Beginning tomorrow, May 15, 2020, Pro Soccer Weekly will be handicapping the Bundesliga. The guys will be sharing this weekend’s matches for free and we hope you take advantage of this opportunity for some free money. All we’ll as is that you subscribe to the site for FREE and you get this weekends picks.

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