Baseball is back!! Major League Baseball is supposedly set to begin its 2020 campaign this coming Thursday night with a doubleheader that will be broadcast on ESPN.

The exhibition season begins in earnest on Saturday evening with three games in their home parks without fans and chimed in noises meant to make the game feel more “real” for everyone involved.

Cash with Flash Best Bets will be back for the regular season all the way through the World Series, providing that COVID-19 doesn’t destroy an already shortened baseball season.

You can frequent the shiniest new website with the best data around and still wind up losing money betting baseball. A sixty-game baseball season means that anything can happen and we baseball bettors need to be savvier than we’ve ever been before.

Vegas Throws us a Curve Ball

Sports Books in Vegas, who in the past offered both “listed pitcher” and “action” bets, are doing away with the listed pitcher wager and sticking with the action bet. Online books are following suit and you’ll have to really shop around for listed pitcher action.

This new wrinkle will make things interesting for baseball bettors and absolutely gives Vegas an edge over the baseball betting world.

Cash with Flash Best Bets Secret to Success

You really came here for the secret I’ve used to amass a handicapping record of 1428-1099-40 from January 23, 2019, until March 11, 2020. That doesn’t include my strong numbers at Win Daily Sports nor does it include our Pro Soccer Weekly team and its $2400 profit using my same system, since the restart of European Soccer.

I’ve already shared my full process in Betting Baseball and Betting Football 101, but I feel like I wanted to share part of the secret with you today for FREE.


Bankroll Management is Part of the System

Bankroll management is half of the recipe that you need in order to have a successful baseball betting system.

If you don’t know how to manage your money, you might win in the short term, but you will likely lose over the long term and that especially holds true with betting MLB baseball games.

The following is an excerpt from Betting Baseball 101: Winning at the Sports Book and Daily Fantasy Baseball;

The Fixed Unit System

The Fixed Unit System is probably the simplest to use. In this system, you bet one unit on every wager you make.

It doesn’t matter how hot or cold you are, how much you like the game or even how good or bad the odds are, it’s one unit and no more or less.

Here’s how the Fixed Unit System works with a beginning bankroll of $500 dollars.

Let’s begin with $500 dollars that you can afford to lose without missing it or sweating a loss. Not your rent money or your children’s college fund but the money you can affordably invest without worrying about losing it.

A standard bankroll would be a collection of 100 units that amount to one percent of your total cash on hand. Starting with $500 dollars, your unit would then be worth five dollars or one percent of your total cash in your account or wherever.

Once the unit value has been determined, you would then wager five dollars every time you make a bet.

You should reassess your unit price whenever your original bankroll grows at an amount that you feel comfortable with. Some raise the unit price after $100 dollars profit while others might wait until they reach a $250 dollar profit.

This system is very easy to use with little effort required to track wins and losses. The most important thing to remember is to be consistent; you don’t want to let a hot streak alter your unit price because at some point the hot streak will end and your bankroll will surely take a hit.

The bottom line. If you can win at more than a 53 percent clip you will be profitable in the Fixed Unit System.

Percentage Model System

The Percentage Model System is very similar to the Fixed Unit System but instead of a fixed unit price for all bets, each wager made is one percent of your bankroll.

This system is a bit more time consuming as the unit price changes based on the betting results from the day before.

For example; you see someone suggest playing two units on the Detroit Tigers to defeat the New York Yankees on such and such a day. If you like that play than your bet would be $10 dollars. If the handicapper suggests this to be a five-unit play, and you like this play, then your total wager would be $25 dollars.

If you win this wager, your bankroll has increased by five units minus what the bookie charged you for “juice” or “vig”. If the game was at -110 than a one-unit play netted you $4.90 profit or just under the one-unit investment.

At the end of the day, you collect your winnings and divide the bankroll by one percent. Your unit is now worth $5.04.

The same thing applies if you lose your wager. You take your new bankroll, divide it by one percent, and your unit is now worth $4.95 per unit. This way, on any given day, you always have 100 units in your bankroll.

This is a great system that allows the bettor to take advantage of hot streaks as the unit price continually rises as your bankroll grows.

Conversely, it will take longer to recover from a losing streak as the unit price during the bad run is usually less than the initial five-dollar unit price.

The Other Half of the System

Both systems are good but it’s up to you to decide which one works best for your particular situation.

This is just half of the Cash with Flash Best Bets system; in order to take full advantage, you’ll need to pick up a copy of Betting Baseball 101: Winning at the Sports Books and Daily Fantasy Baseball.

From proven winning strategies INCLUDING picking winning underdogs, Betting Baseball 101 will help you understand and navigate a betting system that is designed to separate the gambler from their money in an easy to understand format.

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