The Pro Soccer Weekly team has amassed a 92-96 record since European soccer returned after a break due to COVID-19. Had you of wagered $100 dollars on every pick the team has shared in this free space, you’d be nearly $1800 dollars ahead with us.

That’s not shabby, is it?

All we asked is that you subscribe to the site and take advantage of the Pro Soccer Weekly team and their expertise. Many of you did and you cashed. Eighteen units over a 5-6 week span is pretty darn good, don’t you think?

The Pro Soccer Weekly team was originally going to wait until the new season to charge a fee for their expertise; that has now changed and beginning with this weekend’s picks, Pro Soccer Weekly will be charging $9.99 for this weekend’s picks.

At some point, Pro Soccer Weekly will return to their original pricing, but in the meantime, please enjoy these picks that are sure to provide some additional fireworks outside of your normal Fourth of July celebrations.

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You can listen to the most recent Pro Soccer Weekly, where the fellas discuss the enigma that is Wolverhampton star Adama Traore along with many more interesting topics and discussions. You can subscribe to Pro Soccer Weekly at the following link and listen to the podcast on the player provided below.


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Good luck and we’ll see you soon!!


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