Please join the Hockey Picks Podcast team as the guys discuss each conference semifinal playoff series, share some handicapping advice, and discuss the situation involving the postponement of Thursday and Friday night contests in protest of the police-involved shooting of Jacob Blake and much more.

This is episode four of the podcast and the guys discuss the new Cash with Flash Best Bets website including Phil’s recent books Betting Baseball 101 and Betting Football 101.

Hockey betting can be tricky and the guys share their thoughts about how it is to handicap NHL playoff games; there’s a time zone factor, waiting for the lines to come out, watching games that last well into the early morning hours, the neutral ice issues and so much more!

Monday and Tuesday night showcase four possible playoff elimination games and hosts Zak Smith and Phil Naessens discuss each conference possible elimination game in-depth and share their picks for Monday and Tuesday night.

The NHL decided to join the rest of the sports world and postponed Thursday and Friday night NHL playoff games in protest of the unfortunate police-involved shooting of Jacob Blake. Was it the right thing to do? Will it actually accomplish anything? Was there another way to get their message across without politicizing sports in order to promote the Black Lives Matter message? The guys share their thoughts and more!

Cash with Flash Best Bets will be hosting Zak’s Puck Picks and will be offering picks throughout the Stanley Cup Playoffs and encourage you to sign up and take advantage of the hockey picks as well as Cash with Flash Best Bets, This Week in Tennis and the Pro Soccer Weekly handicapping teams picks.

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