The Phil Naessens Show is back and Phil welcomes Mr. Brian Levy, the founder of Goal Line Football. Brian is the agent for several NFL coaches and players including Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin. Brian shares his thoughts on why there aren’t more African American Head Coaches in the NFL as well as several other topics.


Brian joins the show and discusses how he came to found Goal Line Football, sharing the early days of representing NBA players and how he’s moved from representing NBA players to NFL players and then representing coaches at the NFL and NCAA level.


What is #faithfamilyfootball and how important faith, family, and football is to Goal Line Football when choosing what players to work with? This is a great discussion into what it takes to play and coach at the highest level and how to attract a super-agent like Brian Levy.


Why aren’t there more African American Head Coaches in the NFL? Levy shares his thoughts coming from a man who has represented professional football players and coaches for the past 30 years. This is a great discussion and one you won’t want to miss.


What makes Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin so good at his job? Levy goes into great detail about Tomlin, his character, and leadership skills that have allowed him to be one of if not the best Head Coach in the NFL.


This was a fun discussion that you won’t want to miss!!


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