Please join the Pro Soccer Weekly team as they discuss the recent transfers, what’s going on with Manchester United and so much more!!

The Pro Soccer Weekly team has smashed the sportsbooks since the restart of professional soccer in Europe. If you have followed the guys since the restart and wagered $100 dollars on every pick they have made, you would be up around $3000 dollars. That’s not too bad now, is it?

The VAR is something folks in the EPL have learned to live with. Some like it while others don’t. The guys share their thoughts on its value and whether or not the EPL should just do away with it once and for all.

Phil talked about the new site for Cash with Flash and he also discussed how the daily picks would be located at the Cash with Flash site and the weekly soccer podcast would be featured at the Phil Naessens Show and Cash with Flash Best Bets website.

There were very few transfers this past week but the guys shared the most important ones and how these players fit in with their new teams.

Is Manchester United the victim of playing too many games since the restart? Do they really need 5-6 games before they get back on track? The guys have their say and we would love to hear your thoughts about this historic team and their poor start in the EPL thus far this season.

The Pro Soccer Weekly team will be sharing their picks for the EPL and Bundesliga beginning next weekend.

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