This Week in Tennis

Join the This Week and Tennis team as hosts Craig Doyle and Phil Naessens as they preview both sides of the French Open draw. The guys share their best plays for the first round of the event, share betting advice, and predict a Men’s and Woman’s Champion plus much more!

Hosts Craig Doyle and Phil Naessens are back for another week of great tennis talk.

The French Open begins Sunday, September 27, 2020, and the guys break down the entire Men’s and Women’s first-round matchups. Listen in as they share their thoughts about each of their highlighted, first-round matchups.

The guys share valuable insights from their knowledge of the players and event. They also share sound advice for those of you planning on wagering on this event.

Who are the dark horses? Which players are under or over-valued for their first-round matches? The guys don’t miss a beat as they expertly walk the listener through each match.

Craig and Phil also share their winners for both sides of the draw for those of you making tournament winner wagers.

This is one program you won’t want to miss. Doyle and Naessens are not only tennis insiders but highly recognized tennis handicappers and they break these matches down in a way that few others can. They share their tips, tricks, and handicapping methods freely on this podcast.

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