Hosts Scott Fiedler and Phil Naessens discuss what they’ve learned as a result of Covid-19, how Brookwood Camps work to ensure our campers get the best instruction both on and off of the field, and much more at  Sports Academy at Brookwood Camps Canteen

Covid-19 has affected us all and the guys share some of the things they have learned and noticed due to the virus. 

How is Brookwood Camps different than the others? The fellas share some of the many reasons as to why the Sports Academy at Brookwood Camps is the place to send your child this summer.  

Youth sports are important to both fellas and will be discussing several topics this winter and will go into greater depth on the program including but not all;


  • How young is too young for a child to participate in sports
  • Focusing on just one sport too soon 
  • What coaches should and shouldn’t do when developing 
  • Gurus and why you should avoid them
  • The difference between coaching high-performance athletes and coaching kids who just want to have fun


These are just some of the topics that will be covered in The Canteen. The guys will also occasionally discuss topics such as;


  • Horse Racing as a Fantasy Sports
  • Fantasy Sports
  • MLB Baseball
  • NBA and NCAA Basketball
  • NFL and NCAA Football
  • Tips on being a successful summer camp counselor
  • What campers can expect on their first day at Brookwood
  • What parents can expect when sending their kids to camp for the first time


Please join the guys every week as they share their thoughts, answer your questions, and much more. Please use the comments section to share your thoughts, questions, and concerns and we will answer them in The Canteen.

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