On today’s Line Grinders Podcast pro sports bettor Tony C and pro sports handicapper Phil Naessens introduce their new podcast, pro betting services, take a closer look at female sports betting personalities, the daily grind of MLB betting, online sportsbook limits and much more.


Show Notes

The Milwaukee Bucks and Phoenix Suns were pathetic on Sunday and the guys feel sorry for anyone who lost betting either team. 

What are Line Grinders? The guys share how you can take full advantage of the various features like Slack Chat, the Line Grinders Podcast, daily blog posts, the value of having their picks tracked at Betstamp and why their service is the only one you will need to profit from sports betting.

Female sports handicappers are catching flack at an alarming rate. The guys wonder why a surprising number of folks blindly tail these ladies’ picks and don’t seem to understand the difference between a paid shill and a legit handicapper. 

MLB sports betting is a daily grind with plenty of ups and downs. Listen in as the Line Grinders drop some knowledge in order for you to have a successful MLB betting season.

Being limited by sportsbooks is nothing new. In the old days being limited meant you were a feared sports bettor. Nowadays all you need to do to get limited is to win a couple of bets. The Line Grinders share their thoughts about this pattern of limiting and what you can do to prevent the sportsbooks from issuing an unfair limit. 

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