On today’s Line Grinders Podcast pro bettor Tony C and pro sports handicapper Phil Naessens share what a day in the life of a professional sports bettor; from the bankroll you’ll need to get started, amount of time spent per day on betting, losing streaks and much more!



Show Notes

The Line Grinders lamented their previous losing week. 

Tony C has been successfully sports betting for over thirty years……he shares his thoughts on the following subjects

  • How big a bankroll does one need to make $50,000 dollars per year.
  • The amount of work it takes daily in order to be successful at sports betting
  • Handling losing days, weeks or even months

Which sport takes the most work? The guys give their opinion and more.

After listening to the amount of work needed to earn a living betting sports the guys turn their attention to why paying a group like Line Grinders makes more sense than trying to do everything on their own.

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