On today’s Line Grinders Podcast pro sports bettor Tony C and pro sports handicapper Phil Naessens discuss last night’s NBA Finals, betting on the three-way betting line in baseball,  college football betting, their gambling superstitions  and much more!


Show Notes

Phil woke up with morning wood and it’s not what you think. Tony C laments local bookmakers limiting his CFL and WNBA plays but let him bet whatever he likes in baseball. 

The NBA season is a wrap. The guys discuss Golden State Warriors Game Six victory and why Tony C doesn’t care if he never bets the NBA again!

Baseball is tough enough to find an edge. Is betting the Three-Way Moneyline a good idea or is there a better way of beating the baseball oddsmakers. 

Is it too early to be wagering on College Football? The guys share their preferences and the plays, if any, they’ve made thus far. 

There are other summer sports besides baseball. The guys have some ideas you’ll want to listen too.

Which one of the guys is more superstitious than the other?

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