On today’s Line Grinders Podcast pro sports bettor Tony C and pro sports handicapper Phil Naessens discuss thieving sportsbooks, celebrity sports book endorsements and what they mean, betting syndicates and much more!!


Show Notes

The Line Grinders started the month of June with a bang….a big three-unit day. Listen in as they share how Line Grinders are different from other consulting services and why you should join them today!

Regulated sports betting is now available in over 30 states. That’s a good thing but the guys share some stories of thieving sports books and their unscrupulous business models solely designed to keep novice bettors from winning and more savvy bettors from wagering at all. They also referenced a solid piece written by Adam Chernoff they highly recommend highlighting some of these shady business practices. 

Celebrity endorsers like Nicki Minaj have been hired for one purpose….

Altered betting slips are more common than you might think….

Sports Betting syndicates like the Kosher Boys as well as many others are nothing new. Find out what they are, how to spot them and why the person contacting you to join them probably isn’t really a part of a true sports betting syndicate. 


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