This Week in Tennis Podcast and Picks

Welcome to This Week in Tennis! Each week Craig Doyle and Phil Naessens analyze the tournaments and players of the men’s and women’s professional tennis circuits.

This Week in Tennis is the program that started the Cash with Flash brand. The guys often shared their best bets for each week on the tennis calendar and it was Craig who titled that segment, “Cash with Flash” and a new brand was born!!

This Week in Tennis is far from just a sports betting show; aside from the winning picks, the guys have tackled some of the most difficult topics that have had an impact on professional tennis including match-fixing, racism, sexism, cheating at the junior level just to name a few.

The podcast will remain free and will return once the tennis season resumes. The guys are missing tennis and can’t wait to continue the excellent standards they have set for the show.

Join Craig and Phil on their most recent podcast, where they discuss Margaret Court and share winning Australian Open picks.


Aside from the podcast, Craig and Phil will be selling their tennis picks on this website. The picks will be offered on a daily basis with special Grand Slam Tournament packages and pricing.

Daily pick pricing will begin at $19.99 per day and private coaching and investment advice is also available on a limited basis. Picks will be available for purchase in the shop or in a separate blog post that can be found on the homepage.

An extensive archive for the podcast and past shows can be found here.